What We Offer

We have learned what works through experience and have created general package concepts that can be combined into an exceptional adventure vehicle.

Our customers should expect:

A Revolution in the RV Paradigm. Our style is to create lasting, hardworking and life proof solutions. We call it bomb-proof. Forget about noisy rattle traps, goofy materials, poor quality workmanship and a laughable investment in your life, get a Mobius.

Strong Attention to Quality Components. We select and test out the best components and materials.

Small Footprints. Whether it’s stealth, quietness, sustainability or efficiency; Mobius takes design and engineering to a new and intense level. We select technologies and employ methods that save you money, time and hassle. Elegance and ingenuity are a big deal.

Our Packages + Our Experiences on the Road + Customization for Your Needs are what make Mobius special.

Creating some level of standardization allows us to offer affordable prices, a rock solid brand and a clear customer view of our offerings and pricing. Customization on almost all levels and expanded package options covers all of your particular requirements.