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Base Conversion Package

  • Our BaseConversion gets your van interior styled and ready to complete the build out.

    * MobiusBomb wall mounting infrastructure
    * Insulayers: Formaldehyde free / Cotton Batt insulation in walls & ceiling (R-13), Thermozite in floor (Approx R-2)
    * Matching button snap fasteners or appropriate fasteners
    * Lonseal continuous flooring
    * FloorZone: Choice of Lonseal style and color
    * 2Toned stretch carpet on interior panels and trim

CockpitShade Package

  • A crucial package to give you maximum heat deflection, light blockage and insulation.

    * SimplePush Windshield Shade
    * SimpleTac Passenger and Driver Door Shades
    * Sun reflection
    * Insulated
    * Magnetic Mounting
    * Custom Made

FlareSpace Side Extensions

  • These are a set of fiberglass inserts made by FlareSpace. They install in the rear window panel cutouts at the rear of your Sprinter.

    * Fiberglass Construction
    * Insulated and covered along with your wallboards
    * Gives about 10 inches of extra space
    * Allows for double sized bed length, side to side
    * Painted to match your Sprinter color
    * Especially for maximizing room in a 144 wheel base

A/V Package, Base

  • A/V Head unit from a major manufacturer like Sony or Pioneer to match your requirements. This is paired with an exceptional quality, tail light integrated backup camera and blue tooth hands free mic.

    This package is required to then add the A/V Package Upgrade.

    * Bluetooth hands free
    * Bluetoth audio
    * USB for iPod or other device
    * Wide angle camera
    * Touch Screen
    * Steering wheel volume control

A/V Package, UPGRADE and ADD-ON to BASE

  • Create an environment where audio and video can be enjoyed throughout the cabin and sleeping area.

    * 2 additional pairs of hi fi speakers
    * 4 channel power amp
    * Fade to rear to isolate movie audio
    * Bluetooth wireless audio input for music
    * Bluetooth wireless audio input for movies
    * Custom speaker enclosures or integration into walls

Electrical Base Package (Includes DC Power)

  • This package gives you the power source and initial wiring for a D/C power setup. If you are also electing A/C options for your conversion then that will be added on top of this. If you are sticking with D/C power only then we employ a D/C terminal block to route all your D/C appliances.

    * Deep cycle AMG batteries
    * Number of batteries and Amp Hours TBD
    * Intelligent battery isolator
    * Safely charge battery bank with alternator
    * D/C distribution
    * Ready for A/C options

Inverter + A/C Power Package

  • Selecting this package adds all the required equipment and services to provide you with A/C power, GFCI protected circuits, outlets, 30 amp shore power, wiring, protection & distribution. Please select additional circuits and outlets to give us an idea of your requirements.

    * Two GFCI outlets and one circuit included
    * 1800 W inverter / Charger
    * Central A/C D/C power distribution panel
    * 30 Amp Shore power inlet and wiring
    * Shore power cutoff

Solar Packages

  • v
  • Selecting this package adds solar capability to your rig. The size of your solar package depends on the kind of uses you have, desired rate of battery recharge, your electrical demands in the conversion options and cooking and heating options.

    * High efficiency glass panels
    * Solid metal panel frames
    * Solid roof mounting
    * Sealed roof penetrations
    * Organized layout
    * Solar Controller / Cutoffs / Fuses

UberGalley: The Kitchen Package

  • The galley is the central part of any full van conversion. We pack in a lot for the price which includes:

    * Main Work Surface
    * Flip up counter leaf
    * Sink and Core Water System
    * Cabinetry
    * Trash Can
    * Fixtures
    * Mobius swappable fresh / gray water system
    * 60 Litres / 15 gallons fresh water storage
    * Pressure tank assisted water pump

    NOTE: The finished width and exact configuration is determined by other options and your van requirements.


Hot Water & Shower Options

  • We offer additional water system options with the following possible features: Larger additional freshwater tank, permanent gray water tank, hot water, city water, fill options, shower.

Cooking & Heating

  • We have many configurations for cooking & heating to match your particular requirements. This will be the subject of much conversation and debate. Combining heat and cooktop with a diesel unit is a great way to have two in one and a single fuel source for critical functions. Induction is an efficient and quick way to cook but may require more batteries and solar to keep up with the electrical demand. Combining a diesel forced air heater is the sure fire way to have temperature controlled heat in all the cabins zones. Consider the following options:


Fan Package

  • We assume you will be spending a lot of time in your van. You definitely want at least one fan. Airflow is critical to maintaining comfort in RVs. There are usually suitable spots to mount one or two fans. We install high volume deluxe fans with the following features:

    * Reversible Air Flow
    * Variable Speed
    * Manual & Automatic Hood Control
    * Remote Control
    * Screen
    * Operable While Raining

LEDon: Lighting Package

  • Our lighting package is LED based & designed for flexibility, convenience and low power consumption. The included components are designed to split into 3 major lighting zones with individual switches. You may select additional zones, lights or dimming.

    * 8 soft LED lights
    * 2 articulating reading lights
    * 1 directional light bar
    * Custom light fixtures
    * Isolated Switches
    * 3 Zones included

Seating & Sleeping Packages

  • Building in seating and sleeping arrangements go hand in hand. We have organized your choices into logical combinations.

    Definitions of major configurations:

    * Comfort Nook: Basic seating area, usually a love seat, set across from the UberGalley.
    * Convert Nook: Seating area that converts into sleeping for one additional person.
    * Bunk Loft: Fixed raised bed platform, usually at the rear of the vehicle.
    * Convert Lounge: A scenario where a large seating area, usually at the rear of the vehicle, converts into a sleeping loft via fold down partitions. This solution does not utilize the seating area cushions. You get the best of both worlds, comfortable seating with a ton of hang out space by day, and a memory foam sleeping bunk by night.

Fridge & Cabinet

  • A combo package that gets you a fridge and vented cabinet. We use a 3.0 Cubic Foot, high efficiency 12V system.


  • This package covers general cabinetry beyond the UberGalley or other specific cabinetry like for your refrigerator. All of this is custom to your requirements and very specific to the space allowed by your configuration, packages and floor plan. Birch cabinet boxes with euro style / no face frame design and a clear polyurethane finish is standard.

    * Cabinets
    * Pantry
    * Closets
    * Storage
    * Cubbies
    * Shelving

Window Packages

  • We install the highest quality third party windows. All but the rear windows have awning style vented openings to ensure comfort and convenience. Each window is packaged with a custom made, insulated blackout shade.


  • A Fiamma f65S awning of your choice. Configure color, and size later.


  • Select any desired add-on features:

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