Our Upfit Process


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your VanLife!

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For Complete Van Upfits & A la Carte Installations:

Here is a simple breakdown of how you go from concept, to owning a top shelf conversion that’s perfect for your needs:

1) Configure and conceptualize: use our online tools to configure your van concept, or choose an array of packages for your existing Van or RV.

2) Q&A: Engage in a meaningful conversation about your goals and options. Analyze the specifics of your particular vehicle or RV platform.

3) Refined Proposal: We send out a proposal with more specific options, design and budget.

4) Acceptance: Accept the final proposal and place a 50% down payment on the total budget.

5) Design Confirmation: We look into all the little details of how to construct your conversion, before moving forward (there is always more to talk about before getting going.)

6) The Eagle Lands: Your personal van arrives at our shop and the project begins. 4 Months is a common time frame to complete your conversion, but this varies from project to project.

7) The Gathering: We get rolling on all the components and raw materials for your project.

8) Construction: We will be in communication with you throughout the conversion process so you know how your project is going. We will engage you specifically when we feel there is a question or preference that needs to be addressed.

9) Final Inspection: We go over everything and make sure everything is in order.

10) Delivery: After the final inspection, and final payment has been received; you have options for taking delivery of your new conversion.  Depending on the vehicle, your options are: 1) come pick it up and plan your first road trip home, 2) we drive it to you (additional fee), 3) we arrange for a vehicle shipping service (additional fee).

We look forward to working with you and making your lifestyle dream come true.